Monster Pet Food


Healty & tasty for you your dog and cat.

We have several years of collected experience when it comes to nutritious dog- and catfood. We know what works (and what doesnt work). So what is the secret behind a successful recipe? Natural ingredients, high meat content combined with a bunch of health benefits. We believe its important that there is a sort for everyone. And we dare say that our products cover 95 % of all the cats and dogs needs.


Super premium

Nutrition of the highest quality which is exclusively sold in pet shops. We value knowledge and the selection of quality products. Something we want to exist in generations (just like Monster).

Meat as first ingredient

Dogs and cats are carnivores. They need clean sources of nutritious meat and protein to get the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Gluten-free recipes

Made without wheat. Gluten-free recepies are easy on the stomach, skin and fur. And it minimize the risk of developing sensitivites and intolerances.

Great taste

Amazing ingredients in all honor. But the taste is for many just as important. So that your four-legged friend eats with a healthy apetite!

Natural ingredients

Our food is made with natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals. We skip the unnecessary additives.

developed in sweden

The recepies are developed in sweden med focus on the nordic enviroment and carefully chosen ingredients. We avoid massproduction and make quality products with no intermediaries.